About Shree Gusaiji


In his second circumambulation when he happened to read Pandharapur Sri Vittal Nath Ji commended him to marry and He himself desired to be born as his son.Srimad Vallabhacharya married Sri Mahalaksmi ji in Kasi at the special insistence of Sri Vittal Nathji.Two sons were born from him.The elder being Sri Gopinathji and the younger being Vitthal Nathji (Purusottam sri Nand Ray Kumar).
Sri Vitthaknath Ji had himself married a second time with PADMAVATI BAHUJI after the LILA PRAVES of his first consort. On the 13th of thedark half of the month MARGASIRSA in t he vikrama era of 1628. Sri Ghansyamji was born to her holiness Srimati Padmavati Ji, the consort of Srimad Goswami Vitthales Prabhu Charn in vikram era 1635.Srimad VitthalessPrabhu delivered the seven deities ti his seven sons respectively and got temples constructed of these seven deities as also for Sri Navanita Priya ji at Gokul. While consigning these seven deities to his seven sons he delivered Lord Sri Madan Mohanji to his seventh son Sri Ghansyam Ji. The seventh deity Sri Madan Mohan Prabh remains consecrated to – date at the seventh seat chacha Gopesvar ji, the son of Sri Ghasyam ji decided ti shift from Gokul to Kamavan and so he constructed a temple at Kamavan in Vikram era 1692 and consecrated the deity there in the Vikram era of 1693. Sri Goswami Braj Raman ji at the instance of Sri Pratap Singh, the then princely ruler of Jaipur , got a temple constructed at jaipur and enshrined the deity Sri Madan Mohan ji Prabhu in Vikram era 1822.

His seven sons

Shree Giridharlalji,
Shree Govindji,
Shree Balkrishnaji,
Shree Gokulnathji,
Shree Raghunathji,
Shree Yadunathiji,
shree Ghanshyamji.